Paisley and Stardust {Fashionista Chronicles}

RIP David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust aka Aladdin Sane aka The Thin White Duke aka The Man Who Fell to Earth aka Pierrot aka The Goblin King aka The Regular Dude aka The Outsider aka The Elder Statesman aka Meta-Bowie. He is a reminder that not only is self transformation a necessity but an impeccable journey. To fulfill our destiny on this planet we have to explore all our options. For many of those my age  that may have included backwards clothes or even parachute pants. It’s fine, I won’t judge. 

So here’s my paisley homage to the Man Who Sold the World (and spent it all on thrift clothes). 

All found thrifting: Sweater from Lane Bryant, Pants from International Cencepts Woman and shoes from Rockport. 


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