The British Arrows {The Fashionista Chronicles}

Tonight my sweetie and I went to the British Arrows Awards screening at the Walker Art Center. So I put on a nice dress that I rented from Gwynnie Bee.

If you’re unfamiliar with Gwynnie Bee, it’s a clothing rental company that specializes in sizes 10-32. Basically you get shipped items you put in your virtual closet and are given bags to mail them back in when you are done. Then you get something else. So, if I got this dress and didn’t like the fit, I just send it back. Simple as that!

But I did love this dress. . .

What I loved most about this dress was it was comfortable, warm and had pockets. Any dress with pockets is a winner to me. The tights are from Target and the shoes a pair of Rockport flats. 

If you are curious about Gwynnie Bee, follow this link: Gwynnie Bee Special and get a free 30 day trial on me!


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