The Fashionista Chronicles

I’ve never been one for fashion. I can appreciate it as art but nothing I would buy because it doesn’t fit my living space (my big ole belly). But this past week I discovered two wonderful things: blow dry bars (more on that later) and rental clothing sites. And so, inspiration hit me. All the possibilities! Maybe I could be that lady who wore something only once and never again! Pure class and decadence would ensue me, life altering and mind bending would commence. . . Or if nothing else, I would look good every damn day I tried. And thus, if nothing else would perhaps boost the old self love quotient just a bit. And who doesn’t love to love themselves? So here it is, my first of 365 entries about what I wore today. None to repeat. Pray for me.  

Today I was traveling home from Chicago where my husband and I celebrated NYE with some friends made during my time in Korea. So we packed light and I dressed comfortably. This is probably the first time in a long time when I felt my outfit was a true representation of me. Being in Korea for 5 years made that an almost impossible feat because nothing cute ever came in my size. For some reason the big and tall stores were mostly equipped with tracksuits and ugly, unflattering shirts. 

When I got a compliment from a stranger in the bathroom that went into great detail about how much she liked the way I put my outfit together- I knew I was off to a good start. 

In case you’re wondering the majority of this outfit is from Target: leggings, shirt dress, jacket, scarf. Coach bag and Rockport boots. 


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