Everything was fine until. . .

There was no one waiting for me at the bus stop. So I focused on getting dinner.

Walking home, it was the first time I had to use my key in the door in two months. I decided to focus on nourishing myself with the pizza I procured. Also, decided a bottle of 막걸리 (makgeolli/rice wine) would make it a bit easier. Watched the only news I ever watch sponsored by Korean Air and so I checked your flight on flight tracker. You are somewhere over the ocean that separates us.

Put on your hoodie to take the puppy for a walk. Saw Mini Coopers EVERYWHERE! Still not cars, by the way. But every single one made me think of you.

Now I have to clean up after the cleaning lady to try and keep my mind occupied. Maybe I’ll take a nap so I can stay up and wait for your call that you’ve landed. Just finished the bottle of 막걸리 so I think now’s a good time.

I love you the best my love.



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