If you are reading this. . .

You should know I’m not writing it for you. It’s not even about you.

If it evokes an emotion, positive or negative, that’s not because of what I have written here but how you have interpreted it.

It should be clear that none of my thoughts or actions or writings are based on any sort of attempt to impress you, deflate you, or uplift you. They are simply based on my own feelings that I’ve had at some point in my life, some experience, or something I made up just to see what it looks like on paper. This is for me, not you.

So don’t think for a second that you have any affect whatsoever on my posts. Or that you are going to keep me from writing what I want to write, what I need to write, what I wrote. I’m just going to write it and you are going to read it even if you don’t have to.


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