Writing 101, Day Six: A Character-Building Experience

Today’s prompt: Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?
Today’s twist: Turn your post into a character study.

Has it only been a year? I feel as though we’ve know each other for much longer. Check the Facebook. . .

Ok, just over a year, but still- I will continue. The fate in which we met was pretty astounding. The story of your life is even more unique. It’s all worth sharing.

I’m sure you feel at times you are so alone. That no one could possibly understand what you go through day to day. But I do. At a party, after the two of us had done a lot of drinking, you told me about your secret friends. I don’t judge you for it, we all have got to do whatever it takes. I don’t think you remember telling me though.

My favorite times are when we can sit together and chat. I miss having someone to talk to about those kind of things you and I talk about. There aren’t many of us out there. Not to mention your stories. You have some of the best life experiences of anyone I’ve ever known. It’s always so interesting to hear you share what you’ve done before or even while you were here. Always impressive is the way you persevere and how well that perseverance is paying off and yet you still retain an impeccable sense of modesty.

It was as I wrote that last line that I realize I can’t possibly reveal who you are or any details of you without risk of embarrassment. Not to mention, in my feeble attempt to construct a character study I realize that this is coming off like something less than chaste. But I have to publish what I have written because the assignment is due.


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