I have a LARGE stockpile of blog posts sitting in my drafts folder that I don’t have the audacity to post. For one reason or another, I’m worried that they will offend someone, upset my family or make the people in my life angry with me. But part of the reason I find this blog so challenging is because it’s hard to find things to write about that avoid these types of topics. Is it hindering me from delivering great writing to my audience and increasing the size of my readership? If I want to be a writer and start pimping this blog hard, will I eventually have to stop censoring myself?

Selfishly, I also feel that it would be some sort of therapy. By having a venue in which to vent my frustrations and sharing my stories I might save hundreds on therapists. Or maybe I can be inspirational to others that stumble upon my blog looking for answers and find one? Not gonna find it if I don’t post it.

If I stop censoring myself- does that mean that I don’t love my family or respect my friends? What about myself? Shouldn’t I respect myself more than the opinions of others. What a difficult crossroads I have come to.

I’m curious your thoughts on the matter. Share with me in the comments below. Have you faced a similar conundrum? Do you censor yourself on social media for the same reasons?


6 thoughts on “F*CK THIS

  1. Let it all hang out. Your immediate family will still love you. Anyone important to you will still love you. So go ahead, and if a few cousins get pissed off, you’ll still have a million people who know how awesome and brilliant you are. And let’s be fair, you had dreadlocks, are an artist, an apple person, and rode a bike for years in uptown; will they really be that surprised at any of your thoughts? They know you’re rad.


    • Well, you bring up some very valid points and astute observations; however I am slowly starting to realize that it’s not the offending part I’m so worried about, it’s actually the embarrassment that could ensue. . . Thanks for the support!


  2. Hah! I have a blog with no posts. Zero. Zilch. For this very reason. I self-censor so effectively, I don’t even have a folder of posts I could use to offend someone. Selfishly, I would like you not to self-censor. Just so I can read those posts! I think the questions you pose in your second paragraph effectively answer your question!


    • I know exactly what you mean. I used no NOT type these stories because I was so worried I would accidentally hit “Publish”. I’m taking baby steps and I think hitting ‘Publish’ on a few of them is the next one.
      By the way, of course you will want to read them. I’m sure lots of people would want to read them not because I am such a fascinating person but because a few of them are pretty juicy. I actually worry that they will earn me undesired sympathy. . . ugh, I’m so indecisive about this. 😛


  3. I’m only sitting on 10-15 blogs that I won’t release in fear of some sort of backlash.
    For everyone one you release, I’ll release one 🙂
    And no, it’s not selfish. Selfish is stifling someone’s voice because you’re not comfortable hearing it. Now if we only had the courage…


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