[GAMECAST] Vikings vs. Giants (restore my faith in football)

But first. . .this Hurrycane?!?! WHAT IS THIS?!?! OMG People think Asian advertising is weird. An ‘all-terrain cane’- really?!

WHAT IS GOING ON?!? That’s it. I’m out. First gamecast- FML

Oh so now this play we just bring out every QB we have?!

Almost intercepted?! Who was that to!!!!!?????!?!?!

Ok, if we can score here I’ll keep it on. But I just don’t think I can continue with this if we don’t. There’s no shot. What the hell kinda expectations was I supposed to have?!

Our receivers are getting beat up. We coulda won this game. Freeman was just a horrible decision. I’m not attacking his ability, but instead his ability to play within this organization after such a short time.

So, Vikings. Where are we going with our QB position? Are we still hoping Freeman works out? Ponder wasn’t the best, but at least he could complete passes and win games. And if you are just throwing him in the deep end, what’s the point in that?

I don’t. . . what can I. . . ughhhh. . . why is this still on?

This is like the most horrible train wreck I just can’t stop watching. My football heart is empty and my stomach is churning. I haven’t felt so upset to be a purple fan in ages. . . sigh.

Just sad now. Sad, sad, sad.

This fumble just means the game is over now, right?! I should just stop watching???

I just feel bad for the Vikes now. There are so many players that are so good. But without a solid effort at QB, a consistent effort even. What is this now? Three QBs in 6 weeks?

I don’t think I can do this much longer. . . I also just got some sh*t news at work. It’s really making this day suck. Ohhh, football. Every year. It’s like I never learn.

Well, the Giants seemed to have find their way in this game. Or the Vikings have given up. . . hard to tell.

This commercial for running shoes is intense! A ‘foot-shaped toe box’?! Really?! Wow, they can sell anything.

I usually like QB sacks. . . obviously not this one. And a 53 yard field goal attempt usually doesn’t worry me either, but the injury. . . and we don’t even try.

Go, Peterson, go!!! Heatin’ up. . .

Nice moves Jennings! Let’s hope this flag is in our favor.

End zone——- dropped. Thanks Simpson.

C’mon Patterson!!!!!

You know I gotta say, it’s not like either of these teams are coming out looking super great right now. Still doesn’t change the fact that I wish the scoreboard was upside down.

OMG~~~ Can I cry now?

WHAT THE EFF IS GOING ON HERE?!?!? Whose ball is it?!

Why, oh why is Freeman still in this game?!?!

Jared Allen!!! I love when you take them boys to the ground~

What an idiot!!! Can we please take Freeman out of this game?!?!?!? Why is he so smiley on the sidelines?! *punch*

Interception- of course. Some one please tackle him!

AP finally breaking out. . . gettin’ pissed!

Alright, let’s get this ball back and capitalize on it. SKOOOOLLLLL

LOOSE FOOTBALL!!!!! PURPLE recovers!!!

So, what, if Vikes receivers can’t catch the ball, we will just throw it to the Giants instead?! This is what happens when you run the same play 3 TIMES!!!

I gotta say, I don’t know if Freeman is the entirety of the problem here. Receivers aren’t catching balls!

No one thinks Freeman was a good idea apparently, except for Frazier.

Yes, hand the ball to AP. He’s been SOOOOO effective today. Especially with 30 seconds left to go. RU EFFIN’ KIDDING ME?! We just wanted to give New York something to make fun of during halftime, right?!


Ok, really, I have to sit one more chance of us getting a score?! I dunno if I can handle it.

I would take a sack over a score here. . .

Uhhhhhhhhhhh, thank god it’s the half. I need a break.

Stay in!!!

Get a score here , guys! C’mon!!!

Penalties will kills you~

Nice stop boys!

Oooh! Robinson!!! Coulda got that one~

Ok, I’m kinda half watching now. It’s really difficult watch games like this. Espeically at work. Especially in a workplace where no one but me cares about football.

It should be noted that Walsh needs to get me 20 points for my fantasy team since I had Wayne go out. I’m projected to lose by 2 points, might be a greater gap then that based on this showing thus far.

Nope. *cry*

UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH Alright, at least my man Blair Walsh can come on and score me some fantasy points???

Haha, Ponder and Cassel look so pissed on the sidelines. It’s a humorous thing to see. Would be more funny if it wasn’t the future/past of my hopeless team.

Ok, ok. Here we go boys. Let’s keep it movin’.

Freeman is looking sloppy. What a struggle. Can’t really blame him much. THERE’S PETERSON!!!!

AP can’t get anywhere today!

Well this is not fairing well, but I can hear my boyfriend reminding me, ‘There’s still a lot of football left to play.’

C;mon boys, get ’em! Touchdown. . . >.<

SO much time for Manning!! And then pass interference?!? *slams head onto desk*

Blitz! FOOTBALL OUT! Giants recover, megh.

Why do we only have one-on-one coverage on Cruz?!

STUFFIES?! WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?! Who is buying these creepy things for their children???

3 and out– back to work I guess.

Rudolph! Welcome back. . . haven’t heard from you in a while.

Good call on the fair catch, don’t wanna press your luck.

I understand how to do this now I think. Gosh, why so many commercials? Seriously? This last drive of the Giants had a commercial break for each down!

Okay, here we go!


My faith in football is dwindling. Both my Vikings and my fantasy team are making me lose hope. Out of sheer curiosity, I want to document my reactions to this game and hope it’s the one that restores my joy in the game. No pressure boys. Also including random commentary on commercials since I never see them anymore.

No one thinks the Vikings can win this game.

Giants first drive looks promising. . . thank god they only got 3.

I just saw the most disturbing commercial for some sort of tree chopper you attach to your ATV. Who is buying that?!?

Ok, Vikings first drive. Freeman starting. First possession to AP, of course. Lots of pressure. Uh oh, they’re stopping the run pretty successfully. Great, one first down in our opening drive. BAH!!!

Alright, alright, out defense forcing them to punt. Good, good.


Now, what’s this flag? Oh, phew! YEAH!!!! SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!!

Wow, that is a cool treadmill– like virtual running. Plus, I like Jillian Michaels.

Nest time I do this, I should post with the newest information at the top, huh? Ooops! Well, I’m too lazy to fix it now. Hmmmm, there’s enough commercials. Nah, too lazy. Gonna stay the course. Wait, no, I have an idea. [GO TO THE TOP]


2 thoughts on “[GAMECAST] Vikings vs. Giants (restore my faith in football)

    • Well, nothing special so far. Special teams got us the points we have. Otherwise, he’s been shut down, not completing passes. *crosses fingers*


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