[Observations] The Office .01

YBM Head Office Gangnam

Sitting in the office. Whoo hoo, it’s Friday! Do you ever notice that only people who work in an office feel the need to remind everyone it’s Friday? Over and over again? And then discuss how excited they are for this day to come? Every Friday, repeat. Fast food workers don’t do that. Teachers don’t even seem to do that.

I am looking forward to the weekend though, I guess. Contemplating going to the coffee shop for studying rather than at home. Reminded I have no money for that.

Haven’t blogged in a while. What if I went to the coffee shop and made observations? Then blogged about them? Could that justify my visit?

What if I did it right now? Some times things happen around me that are more than mundane. Cultural traces perhaps since this is no regular office. This is Korea. Korea is not quite right.

Like that one time the South African came in drunk. Wait, that was more than once. But the first time, whoa. Never seen that before. Why didn’t he get fired?

Even though the weather is getting much cooler and the sun is no where to be found, people are still setting up meetings in the courtyard I can see from my desk on the 13th floor. Not unlucky, not in Korea, that’s the 4th floor. In most elevators they replace the 4 with an F. Means death.

My work allows for a lot of multitasking in the form of entertainment. My mind would melt if I couldn’t watch TV shows while I work. I rewatched the finale season of Gilmore Girls this week. Still disappointed with the ending. I intended to get caught up on Girls but then decided that Leah Dunham shows her boobs too much that it is NSFW. Gilmore Girls was next to it in the list of offerings. After that, I debated starting Mad Men or Newsroom but then felt like something like that would require too much attention. I needed fluff, so I started with season 6 of Will & Grace. This reminded me of the time I watched the entire LOST series in less than 2 months. Not all at work, some at home. This was in the states. There my work suffered as a result. Here, I am able to stay on task because of the TV playing in the background.

She stares past me, out the window onto the courtyard. I wanna know what she’s looking at, but she would see me follow her gaze. She doesn’t seem to mind that it’s obvious she is staring. She’s Korean but not? I think she’s more Korean than she would like to be, especially in Korea. WHAT DOES SHE KEEP STARING AT?!?!

At American offices, people bring donuts, but in Korea it’s ddeokbokki. A spicy rice log.

Lunch time on Gangnam street is so weird. An unmanned Samsung event table blaring music and smelling of hoju snacks alongside a table wanting money for an animal shelter next to another table advertising a special on plastic surgery. Of course, there were also several ajummas passing out fliers to the people exiting the subway. But that’s every day.

I think these posts need to be shorter. Maybe today there were just a lot of things to see. Next time though, pithy. I promise Phil Anderson.



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