Write it, and they will come.

I really should do the dishes, but I don’t want to.

Maybe I should write on the blog, my stats have sucked lately; but I don’t really wanna do that either. I kinda just wanna do nothing.

Nothing? That’s not productive.

Productivity is overrated (says the girl who practices multitasking like her life depends on it).

Really, I just don’t wanna do anything but I know if I don’t I will be mad at myself later. What about reading? That’s like doing something but not, plus maybe it will inspire you to write something. You have a million books in your queue.

Ugh, but reading?? That always makes me sleepy. It’s like NyQuil for my brain. Which is really sad since I enjoy reading. Remember when I used to do that summer reading list for the public library? I always filled the page and I always got that little pizza just for me. Oh, and the holographic button, that made me feel so cool and accomplished.

How is it as kids we got all this positive reinforcement and now the only time we get to feel good about ourselves is when someone likes our Facebook status, or our blog post? That’s pretty sad, pathetic even. I should write a blog post about that.

But that means getting up from the couch. I’m so comfy!

Photo on 3-3-13 at 2.37 PM

Comfy. Is that really a word? Who came up with that?!

I want to invent a word. Well, you’ll never do it if you don’t get up off your ass!!!!!!!!

Well now you made me not want to do anything anymore.


One thought on “Write it, and they will come.

  1. I like the slogan,” beginning is half done”. It works for me. I picked it up from your grandfather MJC. I find my mood alters by just taking an action. However small it maybe and sometimes l will pick up steam as l move towards the action. I do like the sense of accomplishment and use a to do list, rating or prioritizing the most important. Not setting any deadlines on most of them just having the awareness for when l am bored. MJC was a great one for getting things on the list done but also for doing what he referred to as loafing. There is another slogan l am fond of, “When l got busy l got better”
    Dishes huh, l like to cook and eat so l know that goes with the territory, l use doing dishes as a moving meditation it helps me to stay in the present moment and being mindful of what l am doing.
    Just a few thoughts from my end thanks for sharing yours ttyl


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