How I Spend Me-Time (TAG!)

I got tagged by fellow blogger Sophie Milan who TAGGED me and a few other bloggers to write about how we spend our free time. My initial reaction is ‘What free time?! I haven’t had free time since university when I would sit around watching crappy indie and sci-fi movies or listening to entire albums while sitting in a circle of friends all reacting with art.’ My life is hectic but if I ever get 5 minutes for myself you can find me:

  1. Reading a Book Although not in physical form, I have several books in my library, unfinished, waiting patiently to be read. This is the problem with ebooks, and they keep piling up!
  2. Editing Photographs I’ve traveled to more than a handful of countries and have some real gems to share, but they need retouching for that polished and professional look. Then they need to be tagged, posted and shared. It’s overwhelming just thinking about it so I guess I would need a lot of me time for this one.
  3. Nothing The most important thing my boyfriend has taught me is the value in doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not a gosh darn thing. And doing it for as long as possible. He’s the Yoda to my Luke in the art of this important activity.

I wish I had more time (and in some cases, stamina) to: run, bike, climb mountains, dance, do yoga, meditate, and go on photo adventures.

Instruction for Tag:

Bloggers tagged in this post are not being obliged to do a similar post.  After all this is just for fun so if you feel like doing it, feel free and if not, then don’t.  No harm done.  If you are saying yes to this, all you have to do is make a similar post presenting your list in any possible way.  It is up to you for as long as it shows how you spend me-time.  Be it through pictures, poetry, a narrative, haiku, etc.  As you finish, it is also suggested that you tag another five bloggers to your post so the fun will spread and who knows, a little self-reflection may go a long way.

As for me, here are my tagged suckers bloggers:

Learning to Make It

Chris Picks

Dainty C

Alexa Abroad

Crazy Ladies & Chicken Feet


4 thoughts on “How I Spend Me-Time (TAG!)

  1. Hey Jess, thanks for tagging me! I don’t know if I’ll get around to doing this post, as I don’t have a functioning computer to call my own. 😦 But I could definitely fill a very long list of things I do in my free time! 🙂


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