I Hate the Way I Write (or Why I Never Blog)

I really suck at this whole writing thing. I have a blog, it has pretty good stats and supposedly my mom isn’t the only one who wants to read it (come to think of it I don’t think she has ever read it). Despite all of this, I never get into that good rhythm of writing. Or reading for that matter but perhaps I’ll save that for another blog when I’m feeling desperate.

Truthfully, I write in my journal all the time; but shit that’s going on in my life seems too personal to share. I also consider the people involved, if they read my blog, would they get upset at my inner thoughts about their impact on my life?

So then I tried to make this blog about living and teaching in Seoul, but how many fucking blogs exist on that subject these days? Likely what I have to add to the conversation is just rehashed old news.

Then there’s the style in which I write. I wanna write more like Tao Lin. In his abstract pattern of poetry that is so direct and daring, he makes no apologies. Except that I like to explain things, almost to a fault. I had to go back 3 times to erase a bunch of unnecessary crap explaining how I feel about how Tao Lin writes.

I also don’t wanna start this blog over again, Ctrl+A and Delete. . .

UGH! What am I to do?

Well, lucky for you my dear readers I have decided after much debate to get therapy. I met the most FABULOUS woman who has agreed to take me through the timeline of my life in a form of therapy called ‘time line therapy’ whereby I will revisit every major incident in my life as my former self to unlock feelings/emotions and hopefully stop blocking the pain/trauma that it caused me. I have made the decision that this process should be shared. Both for my record keeping and for the interest of anyone else looking for an inspiration point.

For those of you wanting to live vicariously through me in my life in Asia, don’t worry, I will still share the interesting stories to tell. But get ready for a BIG share in the weeks to come!


7 thoughts on “I Hate the Way I Write (or Why I Never Blog)

  1. I understand this struggle well. But remember, this is your space, and though you always want to consider your readers, you also owe it to them to really BE here while you’re here. And part of that, as a writer, is sharing the uncomfortable, the honest, the truth. I think you’re brave, and well on your way. (:


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