[UPDATE] In 9 months, everything will be different.

Ha! Tricked you! No, I’m not preggers. But in just 9 short months, I will be commencing a new adventure. Where am I going? What am I doing? That’s still for me to know and you to find out about.

Tick Tock

Okay. I’ve made you wait long enough. . . I know, I’m a sucker for your puppy dog eyes!

This past year was similar to an episode of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You know, the one where he goes to Korea and finds out just how awesome or how horrible any given school can be? Yeah, that one.

Despite the whole brain tumor thing and almost losing my job, 2012 was pretty fan-freakin’-tastic. I went to Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan all within 4 months. Not too shabby for a girl who didn’t have a passport until 2 years ago. I worked at a university and now as a curriculum developer, two highly sought after positions in the ESL game. Spoke about ecofeminism at a TEDx conference. Oh, and Colin and I rescued a pretty great dog. Life is good. No, it’s GREAT!

Blame my Catholic upbringing; but I felt guilt. So, so much guilt. I found myself screaming into my pillow and hiding my uncontrollable smiles behind my iPad or giant mountains of ramen. Not because I didn’t feel like I deserved it. Oh, hell no. I’ve been working too hard all my life to have a few things go right. My guilt stemmed from the observation of the horrible experience Colin was having. It was so hard to smile while he stumbled.

His school was supposed to be a much needed improvement over his last experience. It was in a division that supposedly took English a bit more seriously and would have better students, better resources and a better schedule. Alas, it had NONE of these things. He was working longer, harder hours than ever before. His kids were spoiled rotten, not your typical spoiled Korean kid standards- Gangnam Style. Yes, Gangnam Style spoiled. I don’t know if you knew, but PSYs song is actually a satire of the rich yuppies who live here, in Gangnam. Some of the outfits these kids wear to school cost more than my first car. As you can imagine, they don’t respect authority unless they are getting something shiny in return. Stickers need not apply. As if that wasn’t enough, it only got worse when he decided to look for another job.

Like many Korean employers, his Principal embraced the super psycho ex-boyfriend mentality ‘If I can’t have you- no one will!’ And so, even though he provided more than enough notice to the school and was even granted permission to transfer to another school within the PINE division (his school’s district in a sense), they gave him one bad reference after another.

As you can imagine, Korea has put a pretty bad taste in Colin’s mouth as of late. To be fair, he has been here almost 5 years to my almost 3 years. The honeymoon period is WAY over and from what I have witnessed it only goes downhill from here. I’m still living in a pretty bright-eyed, bushy-tailed world; but he is on his way to Armageddon. So, we decided it’s time to go home.

In just 9 short months we will be in Cincinnati, Ohio (close to his hometown of Oxford). Our dog, NamJin is coming with us and most certainly will stop to smell and pee on EVERYTHING. Not really sure what kind of jobs were are going to get. There isn’t the same demand for ESL teachers as there is in Korea, obvi.  So, we’ll probably end up working at McDonalds and bringing home french fries for NamJin because we can’t afford dog food.

Wish us luck!

PS Since our plans have changed and I will now likely look for jobs in the marketing & social media sectors, I have reactivated my Facebook. Enjoy!


17 thoughts on “[UPDATE] In 9 months, everything will be different.

  1. Great post! I’ll be sad to see you both go, but I’ll be wishing you all the best in Cincinatti. Ha ha, you only made it without facebook for a month! I definitely beat you with my 7-year hiatus! 🙂


    • It’s a pretty common thing from what I hear. Doesn’t make it less sucky but helps to know you’re in good company. 🙂


  2. Lots of loooove to you both! I know how it is from both yours and Colin’s perspective. Make the most of your time left to eat kimchi and you’re always welcome in Germany (after I get there of course…)!


    • Kimchi, Galbi, and reserved movie theater seats. These will be a few things I miss for sure.
      Germany will be a destination to consider for sure. Maybe NamJin and Rocket can finally be friends. Lol


  3. I heard WKRP is hiring. Glad to hear you are moving back to the States. You’ve been gone long enough. Time to catch up with the family. The commute is much shorter to Ohio. and they lived happily ever after……….


  4. Hey Jess. I don’t know Colin, but if you like him, I do too, and I’m sorry he’s having a difficult time right now. I am glad you will be back in the states and Ohio will be a better place with you and Colin in it. I’m always happy to be a reference. Chad


    • Chazzzzz!!! So good to hear from you. On a *gasp* somewhat social media internet website of all places. 😛 Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement, they have always been important to me. Colin appreciates them as well. NamJin says w00f!
      Seriously though, your support means the world to me. I will most certainly take you up on the offer to be a reference and will let you know where I land.
      Thanks again!


  5. Glad you got some traveling in! Interesteing to hear your prespective on Korean life, as I had no clue how things are over there. I have yet to see other parts of the world. My mom lives in Dayton, OH so perhaps we will roadtrip out that way!


    • I’m so grateful for the travelling, it has been both rewarding and educational. I’ll definitely continue to keep you updated on life on the ROK (Republic of Korea).
      Roadtrip- OHIO! WHOO!!! ^^


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