Ridiculous ways to rationalize purchases 101

Holy Coffee Batman!

A few hours ago I was ready to go down to the Apple Store and buy a MacBook Pro Retina. What stopped me? It wasn’t the ₩3,000,000 price tag or that I already have a Mac Mini. It’s the damn Mac Mini’s fault I wanna buy a new computer in the first place. Well to be fair, my iPad deserves to share in part of the blame as well. They just haven’t been hacking it lately. I miss working at coffee shops, going through 3 cups of cocoa (yeah, I don’t drinkcoffee, I’m a wuss, I know). If I were just gonna email and Skype with my family, the iPad would be a blast; but I’m a photo enthusiast (I stopped calling myself a photographer when I sold my SLR) and I have a need for speed, and harddrive space.

I have been contemplating going back to a laptop to edit my photos for a while. When Apple announced the new Retina models earlier this summer, my heart went all aflutter. Portability, power and the solid state harddrive were all on my dream laptop wish list. But how could I justify the purchase? I have the aforementioned Mac Mini connected to a beautiful 27″ Apple Cinema Display. Sadly, it’s been getting slower day by day, kernel panics have become an everyday activity. It’s covered under AppleCare; but being an Apple addict ain’t easy. I need my computer everyday. So, I waited to take it in until my last vacation. This way, it would be ready when I got back, right? Wrong.

My iPad is capable of filling in the void for a day or two (I’m using it to type this post); but like I said, it can’t do everything I need it to. So when the repair shop called to tell me that my Mac Mini might not get on the bench until Thursday I started hyperventilating. The only thing I could do to cure my own kernel panic was to price out the MacBook Pro Retina I’ve had my eye on for a few months now and realize I have enough to buy it.

I was even more thrilled when I found out that Concierge (a version of the Korean Apple store) was open an hour later than all the other ones. However, my hopes would be dashed when I was told they were sold out. 😦 Tomorrow I’ll be in Nowon where I’m told they are in-stock. . . What?! I have photos to edit!! You want to see my cool photos from all my recent travels, don’t you???


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