[Announcement] What a difference a week makes

Last week I was in a strange sense of purgatory. Somehow amidst the fog, I was able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I walked towards it, perhaps even jogged. Now here I am, with a new life in front of me.

As seems appropriate in Korea, the land of kimchi, Konglish and a very ‘bali, bali’ or ‘hurry, hurry’ attitude- my life has changed dramatically  and quickly. Since my last blog post, I made the decision (with my supportive partner) to pursue employment in Korea with the intention of staying a year longer than we had planned. This would ultimately solve my dilemma of finding a good job that would offer me a 6-month contract (which would have been nearly impossible) and afford me the ability to take care of my health issues in a technologically advanced medical tourist destination. In other words, a place that gives me amazing and inexpensive health care. Even as a green card carrying resident of the ROK, I am eligible for health insurance that trumps what I had as a US citizen in the States. But that’s for another blog post, another day. . .

As I began looking at job vacancies, I decided to try my luck in the fields of R&D (research & development) and Curriculum Support. The only downfall would be that I sit at a desk all day and never teach again. womp, womp That is, until I found a job for YBM PINE, a division of my previous employer that had an opening on their Instructional Research Team at their head office in Gangnam (about a 20 minute commute from my flat). It was actually a position I drooled over 2 years ago when I first decided to work in Korea; but I didn’t have the experience they were looking for, nor was it close enough to my friends already living in Seoul. So, I put it on the shelf.

Well, last week, I dusted it off and sent in my resume. Within 24 hours I had a scheduled interview and within 20 minutes after my interview, I had an offer in my inbox. 🙂

So, I am happy to announce that I have accepted a position in the Korean corporate world. I will have the experience of 큰절 [keun-jeol] (deeply bowing) to the president of the company whenever he walks by (his office is right next to my department). It is the tradition in Korea that when the president walks by you: stop whatever you are doing, stand up, and bow while smiling and saying a happy 안녕하새요 [an-yeong-hasseo] (hello). I will also be on normal daytime hours again and have a MUCH shorter commute. Plus, I still get to teach; but it’s a much lower-stress teaching gig. I work on the side as sub rather than a full-time commitment of being a main teacher.

Since Colin and I work for the same division of the same company (just different departments) we are hoping this means we have the same vacation schedule and can fly stateside together in 2013 for a visit. For those of you angry at me for never coming home, I’m sorry! I kept thinking I would be home on a more permanent basis or at least an extended stay. But hey, now you get to see my photos from cool places like Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Taiwan instead!

Me and my kids from my first job in Korea at Seongbuk ECC.


3 thoughts on “[Announcement] What a difference a week makes

  1. That’s amazing about your new position! I’m looking forward to reading your posts about working in a new environment. Sure it will afford you a whole new look into Korean social culture 🙂


  2. Hi there, I’m currently being offered a position in this school that you taught in.. Would you mind me asking how you found your experience there?


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