Supreme Decisions

In Korea, Supreme is a clothing accessories company. In America, it’s a court.

In Korea, everyone has access to healthcare coverage and now that’s true in America too.


Now, before you get all conservative and constitutional on my ass- hear me out. Not only have I been living in Korea for 2 years and seen some of the benefits to available healthcare; but (and I have always felt so helpless explaining this) I think America needs to start practicing more regulations and opportunities by thinking like a ‘family’.

As an English teacher in Korea, one of the first questions my students write about is what the word ‘family’ means to them. I get many answers but they are usually heartfelt tales of togetherness and taking care of each other. Each one of them showed an understanding that family is important for everyone in someway. That sometimes it goes beyond bloodlines.

This was no more true than my surgery two years ago. I had only been in Korea for 2 months when I had to rush off to the emergency room for what would be my first experience with surgery and recovery. Add to that, I’m in another country thousands of miles away from home. The simple idea that I was even covered under some type of healthcare as a ‘resident alien’ is amazing. Not to mention, the treatments I received (including multiple scans, ultrasounds and even an MRI), the surgery, and medication totaled to the US equivalent of $2,000.

$2000. Back in the states five years ago, I had an MRI which alone cost me over $2000.

My family was absent for the whole Korean hospital experience. The last time any of my family members saw me, I still had a gallbladder. Lucky for me, I had a great network of ex-pat and Korean friends/co-workers who were there to support me. My boss even paid for my medical costs as a loan citing that, “Usually, your mom would take care of you during this time. But since she can’t be here, I want to help you.”

Koreans take care of each other. Now, I’m not saying it’s all roses and kimchi or some sort of utopia; but no matter how much money they seem to have they all understand they are in this together. Of course, there are exceptions. But talk about patriotism and pride for your country.

Where’s your sense of family? If the reason you don’t like this legislation is because you think it creates free handouts for people, then you are missing a much larger picture. One which I won’t possibly attempt to concisely explain. But think about your family, your American family. Don’t they deserve a chance to be healthy?

As a side note to the republicans in my family (specifically my paternal ones): I get it, you don’t like abortion. That’s ONE issue! I respect your opinion/belief. BUT PLEASE stop letting this one issue allow you to take the side of a party that: a) doesn’t even want us/our parents/our grandparents living in this country b) has no regard for us or where we came from c) is NOT, nor will ever act in our best interests. No, I am not defending Obama- I didn’t vote for him either. However, it kills me more and more each time I see you on Facebook defending idiots that would rather see you back in Mexico or working as a slave laborer for less than minimum wage. They don’t and never will want you to have access to the American Dream. It’s like watching a friend in an abusive relationship, you try to get her to leave; but she won’t because she thinks the jerkface really does love her.

I’ll admit this legislation isn’t something I fully understand. Being in Korea, I don’t have access to the 24-news coverage that would allow me to be over saturated with information about it. What I do know is now my miracle of a godson, who was born preemie at a whopping 1 lb., 7 oz. will never have to worry about any health issues that arise. My little sister who was so strong and brave to have this child will no longer have to cry to me about being able to have medical coverage to take care of herself and her babies. Yes, she is my blood; but she is also a part of your American family. She works hard, pays taxes, stays out of trouble, and has an intelligent and creative mind to offer this world. If more people like her were taken care of, encouraged, then perhaps less of them would turn to the harsh realities of drugs, crime and hopelessness.

Finally, have love, patience and kindness in your hearts. And, of course, be excellent to each other.


4 thoughts on “Supreme Decisions

  1. Hi Jessica, I think you nailed it! Instead of thinking like we’re all part of the “American Family” too many of us are focused on an “us against them” world view.

    We are better off as a nation when we realize that we are all in this together.


    • Thanks Kevin! It’s nice to hear from you and happy to know that I’m not the only one who feels this way.


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