Morning view


You know that fuzzy feeling you have when you wake up? All your senses still a bit blurred? Eventually, you fully awaken and realize the day. It feels so good to wake up, doesn’t it? Not because of the responsibilities that lie ahead but just to know you will be alive another day.

At times, this feeling is hard to come by. Life is hard. Work/school are stressful. Family and friends can be demanding. you might not feel so lucky to be awake, and in even darker times you might not feel so lucky to even be alive. I know because I have been there.

For the past 4 mornings, I have awoken in 4 different places. Each place has offered me another lesson or another reason to keep going.

  1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: I woke up with the sense that I actually was on vacation. It cleared my mind an was a good start to the next 10 days.
  2. Colombo, Sri Lanka: I woke up to learn that sometimes you just need time to yourself. A walk to think (I just wish it hadn’t included multiple scam artists who I had to blow off). That it’s good to take time like this for yourself, while not to worry about anyone else’s desire for your attention.
  3. Hikkaduwa beach, Sri Lanka: I woke up to my most profound revelation yet, patience for change. As I walked down the highway contemplating stores to visit for some souvenirs, I came across a sign for a temple. It was very close by and so I decided to walk to it. There I met a Buddhist who walked and talked with me. The stories that he told and the teachings that we discussed were as if he knew what lesson I needed. He then blessed me and I went on my way.
  4. Unawatuna beach, Sri Lanka: I awoke the earliest I’ve been up. It was amazing to see the beach. The waves. In the afternoon, when we first arrived the waves were high and even knocked one of our friends over. Towards the night time, they got bigger and looked more dangerous. Now, this morning I see the waves and they are still there but calm. It is a cycle, much like our life that things will feel tumultuous at times but the calm always comes again. Maybe not in one day, but soon.

Ok. I’m done rambling with my philosophical life teachings from underside of the equator. Take ’em for what they’re worth. Or don’t.


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