An open love letter

2 years ago today. . . It’s not too often that one can recall with such detail where they we’re on a particular night, let alone what they were doing and all the circumstances surrounding the situation. It is the more special times that stay in our heart’s mind forever and my first time with you was no exception.

“Where are you taking her?,” Abby inquired.
“Mr. Pizza.,” you said.
“Mr. Pizza?! Really?? Ok. . .”
“What??? Would you rather I take her to Pizza School?”
“No! God, no! Alright, you two kids have fun then! (in a whisper to my ear) Take care of yourself, and remember- you’re only gonna know him for two weeks.”

And with that, we were off.

I know the walk to the restaurant well now; but at the time it was just a blur to me. I remember feeling pretty breezy, excited to eat some of my favorite food in this foreign land. Happy to be chaperoned by someone. Usually I made the plans, I led the way; but not this time. I had no other choice but to follow your lead and trust the choices you made. It was the most freeing feeling I had ever had.

I know now that the Korean you spoke, while impressive at the time, was simple and probably the extent of your vocabulary. (tee hee) But at the time, I was infatuated with your ability to take charge and your confidence in ordering food in another country, even if it was only pizza.

I know now what I knew then: your family and friends are very important to you. That was perhaps the second most attractive thing about you (after your adorable curly head of hair). It was really great getting to know about you and your life back home. Your perspective was refreshing and new, I never wanted you to stop talking.

I know now that our first night together may have been very different if it hadn’t been for one simple thing. The rain. To this day, I still don’t know why I didn’t just ask for an umbrella. Still quite unsure why that was the reason I decided to stay with you that night; but I know this: I’m glad it poured. To this day (like earlier today), chills race through my body whenever it rains. Not because of the wind or cold- because I relive those intense feelings I had with you.

For a time you sat on the bed and I sat on the office chair. Then, we would switch. Back and forth. Back and forth. Until finally, we ended up on the bed together. We sat up against your back wall and laughed and talked. Then, there was the moment I knew.

We were laughing about something and you took your elbow and playfully jabbed it into my ribs. That’s when I knew that at some point that night, you would kiss me. Even though I knew it was coming- I froze. I wanted it to happen again but I was paralyzed. Instead there was silence. And another peck. And another. And another. Until you took your fingers and placed them under my chin, just like you see in the movies, and placed your lips on mine for our first, real kiss.

What happens next is a story for your and my heart alone and so I stop here only to skip forward to today. Somehow that 2 weeks, turned into 2 years later. . . And what an amazing 2 years it has been. I love you!


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