Dear Readers,

So first of all, I am a self-admitted USB 2.0 person. Sorry. What does that mean? Well, first let me tell you how USB 2.0 works. . .

USB is that port on your computer, you know the one.  It’s where you plug in your printer, your camera, your iPod, maybe even a harddrive. It is very commonly used to plug in lots of different devices to your computer.

Another common way to connect your devices to your computer is something called FireWire. FireWire was first used primarily by professional film folks who needed a FASTER way to transfer their 2 hour long tapes to digital. Fast = FIRE!!!

In the beginning, FireWire was faster than USB.

As USB became more mainstream, and FireWire started being used by more and more people (even my mom uses it from time to time), USB had to catch up. So they came out with USB 2.0 which claimed to have the same speeds as FireWire. For the most part, that was correct; however, the way USB 2.0 works so fast is very different than FireWire.

Put FireWire and USB 2.0 on a racetrack. FireWire is going to run the track at a consistent 80 mph (130 km/h). It is set on cruise control and can go no faster and no slower. Whereas USB 2.0 will jump out the gate at 120 mph (193 km/h) but then stop accelerating and just coast once it hits that speed making the speed slower and slower until eventually FireWire can catch up with (and sometimes even pass) it.

So you see, I am comparing myself to USB 2.0 because when I start projects (such as blogging) I have a huge burst of energy right away but then I fade overtime. My endurance is minimal because I get distracted easily by other shiny, new projects and/or I get burnt out from the huge load of energy I put out at the start. I am especially guilty of this on blogs (I have vowed to keep a successful blog going 3-4 other times before this one) because I lose interest. I mean, I could write about myself and my experiences forever (I am very good at keeping journals, just not keeping it all in one place- but perhaps that’s another post for another time). What makes me lose interest is I get this feeling that no one else is interested in reading it.

So, I guess I am apologizing for not writing in a while; but I am also shamelessly going to ask you a favor: if you enjoy my blog and like to read it, please post a comment, rate it, or like it (best yet, share it with your friends to broaden my audience) or else I might get bored and stop writing it again. Make this a win-win for both of us.

Your Blogging Servant,


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