Writer’s Block

So, with the best of intentions, I started blogging again. This is actually the third (or fourth) time I have tried to keep one up.

The first few weeks were amazing. I had a plentiful bounty of ideas for posts, and the writing came easy. Then, I moved. From Chang-dong to Cheongdam-dong. While I should be inspired by all my surroundings, so different than our previous dwelling, I am facing an extreme case of writers block.

I think it’s all the settling in. Still not completely unpacked. Still trying to figure out where to get groceries and household items. Not to mention getting settled into a new job. It’s hard being the new girl. Just ask what’s her name. . . that chick everyone hates. . . except dudes, they love her for some reason (maybe that’s all us chicks hate her).

My brain is focused on all these things rather than wrapping itself around all the cool stuff going on around me. So, allow me to recuperate and I’ll be back.


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