[Seoul Survival Series] The Hangover Cure (no, really)


Bacchus Time!

Tested and proven over and over again by many weagooks (foreigners) is that the Korean rice alcohol, Soju (aka the green monster), is one helluva beverage. Albeit not a tasty beverage, it does go down smoother than a shot of most other drinks. It’s the only thing I can take a shot of without wincing. It also gets poured into beer, juice, coke, cide-uh (sprite) and other things I’m sure I’ve never tried. Taking a shot of Soju is like a rite of passage for anyone fresh off the boat as a way to both make you drunk enough that you momentarily lose sight that you just travelled a large distance to be away from your family, and friends into a land that barely speaks your language and who’s main food staple served with every meal is a pickled cabbage AND give you a big slap in the face of the reality of drinking in Korealand.

What I’m saying is, just about every weagook will get drunk from Soju at least once during their time in Korea. Usually, it’s their first night out with Korean co-workers because, ‘Hey, that’s what their drinking and they seem to be having a good time.’ What they don’t realize is, Koreans have Soju in their blood. They have been drinking this tiny green bottle of mischief for years and years. Not to mention, they know all the tricks to survive a night full of Soju shots and somaeks (the mixture of Soju with beer) without blowing ramen chunks.

If you have thoughtful Korean friends or co-workers, at the same time they bought those 4 bottles of Soju (one for each person, of course), they also picked up some Bacchus drink or 박카스. This little wonder bottle is essentially an energy drink that originally sold in pharmacies as a ‘herbal medicine’. It was proven to prevent colds and cure hangovers. Drinking one of these before a night of drinking will do wonders for you the next day. Pretty much ensures that you won’t need to pray to the porcelain gods to forgive you for your drinking, which is good since so many Korean toilets are squatty potties (yuck!). It also helps you avoid ending up on sites like Blackout Korea.

So, tell me. What is your best cure for a hangover?


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